Trust the Process

Self Love

Have you ever sat back and reflected on your life and thought to yourself, wow all the things I ever hoped and dreamed for actually came to pass! When I look back on my life, I recall times where I was totally broke, HATED my job and the people who worked there, I was frustrated with life and all I could do was get on my knees and cry out to God. My life is totally different now. Yes, I go through trials and tribulations like the next person, however, I have a better insight on life. When life happens, I turn to God because I know that He has brought me through every situation, from the death of my Father, to being homeless, to being laid off, depressed and all the other things that happened that I thought I wasn’t going to be able to overcome. So I say to you, trust the progress. Things may look as if they aren’t going to change, but never give up. You never know how close you may be to your yes. Things can happen in a matter of minutes. If you want success, you have to work hard for it. You may lose friends, sleep, and people may think you are crazy, but at the end of the day it will be worth it. The right people who are suppose to be in your life will be there regardless, through thickness and thin. Stay focus and keep your eyes on the prize and never allow anyone to stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

Hello Beautiful!

Self Love

Everyone has something in their lives that they may not be pleased with. It could be your hair, your nose, your body. Whatever the case maybe, I encourage you to love yourself!

Growing up, I had this mindset that lighter women were “prettier” than darker women. I would buy skin lighting products in hopes of being light skin. One day I woke up and realized that my dark skin was just as beautiful. It is sooooo important to love yourself. You only have one self, may as well get used to it! You are unique and no one can beat you at being you. Do yourself favor, focus on the things that are great about you and enhance them , as for the things that you can change, go for it. Rather that means losing weight, getting more sleep, or even pampering yourself!


Its a set up for a major come back…

Self Love

So let me be real and really vulnerable with you guys, my year hasn’t started off as well as I thought it would. It all started new years eve when my boyfriend and I were on our way to enjoy our NYE plans and our tire on the car blew out. Nevertheless, I remained positive through it all but even after that there were still little things taking place that just wasn’t going my way. Currently I have been dealing with discouragement on all levels, in particular my job. I’m not sure why things have been going the way its been going. I even found myself becoming depressed which is a no no! I say all of that to let you know that its okay to get weary but its never okay to give up. It may seem tempting to do so because life is full of ups and downs but you have to stay encouraged. I believe its a set up for a major come back! 2018 may have started off rough BUT its not going to end that way. 2018 is still MY year and I encourage you to believe the same. God has the final say so. Its time to dust myself off and adjust my crown. Xoxo Samone Lashae.

Choose those who chose you…

Self Love

Let’s face it, everyone is super busy nowadays, from work, to school, family life, relationships, friendships and all the above. However, I am a firm believer that people make time for the things that are really important to them. Making time for those who choose you is vital. It shows that even though your life may be hectic and busy, you still care enough to take time out of your schedule to include them. What a beautiful thing! Evaluate your circle. Do the people in your life choose you? Are they there when you are down? Do they include themselves on those special days?(Holidays, birthdays, anniversarys). Life is too short to chase behind those who don’t have your best interest. Love and embrace the those who have your back no matter what. You will thank yourself later! Peace. Xoxo.

Pressure Builds Diamonds…

Self Love

Have you ever been to the point in your life where you felt like everything was going wrong? Maybe you lost your job, or maybe a relationship is coming to an end or perhaps you lost a loved one. You have every right to to feel depressed and discouraged, however, I encourage you to focus on the good things that are present in your life. It is easy to stay planted in the negative and dwell on the things that may not be going right. Try a different approach, whenever you find yourself sinking into that negative space, think about the good things in your life. You may not necessary like the job that you hold, but at least you are blessed with an occupation. You may want a new house but for the time being, be grateful for where you are. You may have hopes & dreams of meeting that perfect person, but while you are single, get to know yourself better to prepare yourself for your future mate. Remember diamonds are built under pressure. If there wasn’t any pressure, you wouldn’t be able to shine and have the victory. When a storm occurs, look that storm in the eye and let that storm know that you will overcome! Also, speaking positive affirmations over yourself will help you over come negative thinking. Whenever a negative thought come to mind, say three positive thoughts to yourself. You’ll be surprised how happier you will be when you turn your thinking around. Stay encouraged! Peace. Xoxo.