Hey Black Girl


Hey black girl do you know how much value u hold inside yourself?

-Hey black girl do you know that you are made in God’s image which mean you are pure greatest?

-Hey black girl do u know your skin is made of gold and brown sugar and your smile brightens up any room.

-Hey black do you know you can do anything you put your mind to? dont listen to the haters they want u to fail.

-Hey black girl do u know that you are royalty and that u should never let anyone treat u less than the queen that you are.

-Hey black girl do u know God made no mistakes when he created you, he intentionally made u the way you are so remember to embrace yourself. You are beautiful inside and out.



Imagine someone who was made just for you…their souls intertwine with yours…you can feel the presence even when they are not near…flaws and all this person makes u feel complete…for the first time it all makes sense…see its easy to love yourself but it takes someone brave to love another human being…because humans are imperfect…and sometimes things dont always goes as planned…but love…that four letter word with some much meaning attached to it conquers it all…I have to admit that I am falling for you…

Ode To My Black King


What is love…love is a four letter word that holds so much meaning behind it..its wanting the best for someone even if you don’t receive anything from it…its ensuring that this one person is okay after a long day…its the little things like forehead kisses, holding hands and long hugs…its the good morning texts that u look forward to…it the late night deep conversations that touches your soul… its the ability to have fun in most random places ever…its the fight that two people put up to ensure that no one can ever come in between the bond that you two share…its the disagreements and make up sessions that makes it all worth it…what is love you ask…well love is you. I love everything about you.From your eyes to your nose to your scent….to your smile…to your curly hair…your complexion…to the way you think…to your drive and your aspirations…I love the way you hold me a night..I love the way you protect me..I love when you call me bae. . I love the fact the you are a fighter…that you never give up…I love the fact that you are a great father..a great provider..I love the fact that you are my man. I look forward to every kiss..every hug..every touch…you don’t realize it but I’m your biggest fan…no other man could do..you are my best friend..my favorite person..my king..my lover…my man..my future husband..I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my life with and for that I thank you. I thank you because I now know that there are still some good men on this earth, I thank you for treating me like a queen and showing me what true love is.