Good Bye 2020, Hello 2021

Self Love

I don’t know about you BUT my 2020 was pretty eventful. I personally went through a lot of changes in my life that I wasn’t totally prepared for, however, God carried me through it all. I laughed, I cried, I had many, many sleepless nights, but I also made lots of great memories and for that I am ever so grateful. I can truly say it was a movie! All in all, 2020 has taught many of us the value of family and friends. Society teaches us to go, go, go, work hard so you can accomplish this goal or that goal but what about the things that are REALLY important?? Like memories, quality time with loved ones, relaxation, fun??? Life as we know has changed in many ways. There’s no concerts to attend, or the movies and many of us are working from home. This is the perfect time, in my opinion, to embrace and love on our loved ones. I truly believe that God stepped in and decided to slow this world down so we can take time out to love the people who are in our lives. Being busy is cool and all but I rather enjoy the presence of those who love me. At the end of the day, no one is promised tomorrow. Personally, I have been taking advantage of this down time. I have been able to obtain goals that have been set forth and breathe a little. I miss going out like the next person and I am sure that it will be a time again where the world will open up but for right now, I am embracing it and making memories along the way.

I am very optimistic that 2021 will bring nothing but great moments our way! After all, life is all about perspective so let’s try to stay positive no matter what. Here’s a few things I do in order to stay grounded:

-Daily prayer keeps me aligned and at peace with myself.

-Meditating for a few minutes a day goes a long way especially when them nagging thoughts try to creep in.

-Journaling on a daily has changed my life drastically, it really helps me release all the pint up emotions I have inside.

Well cheers to new year. Let’s make this one the best one yet! Until next time xoxoxo

-Samone Lashae

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