Manifestion is Real Yall!!! Watch Your Words and Your Thoughts Please!

Self Love

So I woke up this morning and I randomly logged into Instagram and came across an interview that Megan Thee Stallion did some years back. If you haven’t heard already, Megan just dropped her “Savage” remix featuring Beyonce. Yes, the Queen B! How dope is this! Two hotties from Houston, I’m in awe. In the interview, Megan expressed how she would love to work with Beyonce and something clicked in my brain. She manifested what she wanted with her words.

Words are sooooooooo powerful! If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself! Listen, I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that words and thoughts are influential. Whatever you think comes out of your mouth. So pay attention to what you are thinking about. If there are negative thoughts nagging in your brain, cancel them out and think about something positive. Yes I know this can be hard and it is something that I am personally working on my myself. Yes, I am taking my OWN advice because I want to manifest nothing but GREAT things into my life.

What are some things you can do on the daily to help with manifesting? Well I am pleased that you asked. Here’s some things I like to partake in to keep myself centered and on the right track with my mind, thoughts and words.

-Prayer: Whew child prayer works! I love spending time with God. I always feel refreshed and renewed after saying my prayers. He is indeed my best friend and He is always there when I need him. It is definitely no one like Him!

-Affirmations: Youtube has tons of positive affirmations you can choose from. You can listen to them and say them out loud. This is my personal favorite because like I stated before, words are powerful and speaking good things over yourself is essential. This is also a practice I like to do when I am feeling down and out, it lifts my spirits and put me in a better place.

-Reading: I love to read positive things. It just puts me in a better mood. It gives me hope for my own life. With all the things that are going on at the present moment, I find it refreshing to indulge in something thats full of joy and life. There is entirely too many negative images floating around and after awhile if you don’t check where your attention lies, you will find yourself feeling down and out. I’ve been down this road so many times, but I am glad that I have the knowledge to check myself when I feel myself going down a negative route. Yes I have my days, but I am so much happier now because I’ve found things to help me cope with life.

-Writing: I like to express myself through writing. I guess that is pretty apparent since I have a blog! But it truly helps me. Writing positive things out and reading them over and over again can be very helpful for your spirit.

-Vision Boards: A couple years ago, two years to be exact, I was on the hunt for my dream house. I knew by a certain age, I wanted to be a property owner. You want to know what I did? I made a vision board with all the things I wanted to manifest in my life and in the center of the board, lied the house I wanted. I told myself I wanted a finished basement to have company over. I sometimes like to host parties and events, but I couldn’t do that at my old apartment. God blessed me with a home that has a huge finished basement and I was finally able to have gatherings, before all this social distancing was put into place, of course! Also, I told God that I wanted three bedrooms simply because I wanted a guest room when people visited and a beauty room. Yes I said a beauty room. I am into hair, makeup, fashion and anything that is cute.  I needed the space for that! What I am saying is, I truly believe these things came to past because I had vision for my life. I would stare at my vision board and imagine what life would be like to have a house and a backyard. I can truly say that I am grateful and appreciative of all the things God has blessed me with.

These are just a few things personally like to do. Try it for yourself and remember watch your words and your thoughts! Lets manifest nothing but greatness kings and queens. Until next time, xoxoxo

-Samone Lashae








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