Robbins’ Back to School Bash


It is almost time for school to start back for most students who live in the Chicago area land. Summer time is officially over and it is time to get back in the swing of things. As an educator myself, I know how this time can be for our young people, as well as their parents. Many times students are forced to attend school without the proper equipment to be successful. For example, school supplies, uniforms or even a hot meal. Jasmine Washington, an educator from the city of Robbins, took this matter into her own hands and decided enough is enough. She had a vision to put on a back to school bash to help families in the city of Robbins kick start the new school year. Jasmine and a group of volunteers came together to make this vision become a reality. They provided free, yes I said it FREE hair cuts, hair do’s for the young ladies, back packs, school supplies, uniforms, food and entertainment! The bash was indeed a success! We are so thankful for people who are willing to step up the plate and pour into our youth. We need more people like this! Jasmine, we salute you for your drive to make our communities better! Keep up the good work!

Until next time, xoxo Samone Lashae.

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