Being yourself!

Self Love


It is so important to be yourself. Naturally, authentically you! There is no one like you and to be honest, that’s quite alright. I rather stand out in the crowd, than to fit in anytime. You have to accept yourself for who you are. I’ll admit, this took some time for me. I used to compare myself to other women. I would ask God why my skin wasn’t “lighter” or why am I so tall and slender. I am so grateful that God delivered me from that type of thinking. It is not good to compare yourself to anyone. What God has for you, is truly perfect. He doesn’t make any mistakes. Now I totally accept all the flaws I have. I even laugh at myself. I am happy with the life that God has blessed me with. My life isn’t perfect, however, I wouldn’t change the way it is. I encourage you to focus on the things that are going well in your life and to have an attitude of gratitude. Love the skin that you are in! Trust the process. Things could definitely be worse. I understand that life is full of twists and turns but remember to be grateful. Until next time, peace and love.

-Samone Lashae xoxo

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