Miguel Akando: Hip Hop Artist


If you are anything like me, you’re picky about the type of music you choose to indulge in. Please don’t get me wrong, I listen to a lot of genres of music but my absolute favorite genre has to be hip hop and I am not talking about that mumble music either. I love listen to music that has a story behind it. It make things more interesting. So I ran across this artist by the name of Miguel Akando and I must admit he is pretty dope! His music paints a picture when you listen to his lyrics. He is a 20 years old hip hop artist and he identifies himself as a Native American/Indigenous American. “I’ve always had a passion for the arts of music, art, fashion and entertainment. When I was a kid, my nephew and I would just freestyle off the top of our heads and remix songs on the radio. Now it’s decade later and I’m in the process of releasing my first official 6 song EP “Ways to the Tribe”. The EP is really a big story and many of the songs on the project has multiple meanings. I liked the idea of my first project being an introduction project so this project is centered around my Native/ Indigenous culture. It’s really a story about a boy becoming a man and going through challenges to ultimately become worthy of the title “Chief. ” Don’t just take my word for it, go check out



this lyrical genius on his social media.

Facebook: Miguel Akando (Black Eyce)
Instagram: @chiefpapiii
Twitter: @BlackEyce_
Also, here is an exclusive preview of Miguel Akando’s work. Hope you enjoy! Signing off. XOXO
“Ways to the Tribe” Black Eyce -Chief https://soundcloud.com/blackeyce/chief “Ways to the Tribe” Black Eyce -Oxytocin Music https://m.soundcloud.com/blackeyce/black-eyce-oxytocin-music

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