Shanti Helena


With all the craziness that is going on in our society, it is kinda hard to tell if someone is being truthful or honest in their relationship. Social media definitely doesn’t help at all with this situation. Shanti Helena is the author of  “Why Side Chicks Winning.” Shanti Helena was inspired by her own personal relationships. “Throughout my past I had a lot of heart breaks. Recently, I was dating a guy who lied to me the entire time . I was a “side chick” the entire relationship. So instead of crying and wondering why I have bad luck with me, I started writing a book about Side Chicks. In addition, I watch people around me go through so many bad relationships. My target  audience is men and women who have encountered cheating within relationships, women who do not know how to please their men, and men who do not know how to treat a woman . Most of viewers are between the ages of 28 to 45 years old. My ultimate goal is to enlighten men and women in relationships of the do’s and don’t. Nobody is perfect in life but working on your relationship is very important. I hope my videos and books can help grow relationships in a better way.” Currently, Shanti Helena’s book is still in production but once it is release, it will be available on In the mean time go follow this beauty on Instagram @Shanti.Helena. You won’t be disappointed !!!


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