Meet Mrs. Twanita Dozier


Are you a entrepreneur? Do you need help getting your business of the ground? Are you interested in platform that would allow exposure to your business?  If so, Twanita is the person for you. This beauty is originally from the south side of Chicago, but currently resides in Virginia working on her online magazine geared towards black entrepreneurs. The name of her magazine is “Boss Up Magazine” “For those who are just starting a business, it can be difficult to get your name and/ or business known, and it can be especially difficult to get support. My online magazine provides a platform to help black entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations get the support and recognition that they need.I am all about empowering and helping others, and my magazine allows me to do as such.” Twanita has been working on her magazine since early October, however, it has been taking off! If you would like to be featured in her magazine, don’t hesitate to reach out to her! (all features are free) you can contact her at Also, you can follow her on instagram at @_alluredbyher @_beallured and @bossupmag. Enjoy!


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