Jacey Jackson


Ms. Jacey Jackson is an author from the city of Chicago. She recently dropped her first book, which is called “Not Until He’s Ready” and is currently working on “He’s still not ready,” and “Ready or not.” Her life experience inspired her to write. “I have always been a reader. My love for that never changed, the genre of the books did. So I think different writing styles influenced me. You begin to vision yourself into the story, and it sparks something in you. As you read over the years, you see what you love about and being to want to give what you love to the next generation of readers.” Jacey says she faced alot of challenges in her life. “When I wrote my first book, I was recovering from a major surgery. I had been diagnosed with early stages of ovarian cancer, and underwent a hysterectomy. So I now had the time to attempt my dream of being a writer So outside of the obvious of writing and recovery, I also was limited in getting certain resources.” Her story is indeed aspiring, although she was battling with cancer, she decided to not allow that challenge to stop her from chasing after her dreams. “No matter how screwed up you are, there is always somebody for everybody. People get depressed and caught up in them having to settle or be alone because of who they are, and thats not the case.” You can follow this author on her Facebook at Author Jacey Jackson, her Facebook group at Sipping Tea with Jacey and Instagram Lady Jacey Jackson.


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