What about your friends?


A person’s circle can tell you a lot about an individual. For example, if you are constantly around people who are unmotivated, nine times out of ten, you will be unmotivated as well. With that being said, what does your circle say about you? Do you have people in your corner rooting you on or individuals who are wishing the worse of you? Do you have a good friend that you can call on when you are down and out or are the people in your circle simply around when things are going well but when tough times occur, they are no where to be found. Be aware of the people who are in your circle. A real friend is there during the good, bad and the ugly. They keep it real with you and call you out when you are wrong. There isn’t room for jealousy and envy when someone is really for you. Check your circle out and be mindful of the people you allow in your life. If you are blessed with great people in your circle, hold on to them tightly.

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