Toxic Relationships: What are the signs?


Growing up in a two parent home, I witnessed my father treat my mother like a queen. He was a family man, that enjoyed helping others around him. He went to work every single day, whether he was ill or in good health just to provide for his family. Whatever my mother wanted or desired, he made sure she received it. Truly an example of a man. When I started dating, I looked for the same qualities in the men that I decided to entertain. I wanted to make sure that if I gave a guy my attention, it was worth it. Needless to say, my own judgement wasn’t always accurate and I fell into unhealthy relationships because I thought “I was in love.” I am more mature now, and fully aware that “loving” someone doesn’t give a person the green light to take advantage or mistreat someone. I can recall times, where I allowed my significant other to call me out of my name, talk badly about my family, humiliate me in front of others, lie and cheat with multiple women, and endure domestic violence. I am here to say that I understand what it feels like to NOT love yourself, and allow others to walk all over you because at the moment it felt like the right thing to do. Don’t ignore the signs that are presented in front of you. Everyone isn’t as fortunate as I am, to walk away from a toxic relationship alive. It’s not worth it. Trust your gut feeling and put yourself first. You will be thankful for it. Here’s some signs that your relationship may be toxic.


1) Negative energy.

2) Jealousy.

3 )You can’t seem to ever do anything right.

4 )Name calling.

5) Put downs.

6) Domestic violence.

7) Always walking on eggshells.

8) Lack of appreciation.

9)Lying/ Cheating.

10) Feeling isolated from loved ones.


Remember, no one is worth your peace. I know it may be hard to walk away from a relationship due to fear of starting over or whatever the case may be, BUT you will thank yourself later. Love yourself first! Put a new peep in your step, and remember that you are great and it is someone out there for everyone. So don’t give up! You never know who you may encounter, so don’t settle for less


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