Pressure Builds Diamonds…

Self Love

Have you ever been to the point in your life where you felt like everything was going wrong? Maybe you lost your job, or maybe a relationship is coming to an end or perhaps you lost a loved one. You have every right to to feel depressed and discouraged, however, I encourage you to focus on the good things that are present in your life. It is easy to stay planted in the negative and dwell on the things that may not be going right. Try a different approach, whenever you find yourself sinking into that negative space, think about the good things in your life. You may not necessary like the job that you hold, but at least you are blessed with an occupation. You may want a new house but for the time being, be grateful for where you are. You may have hopes & dreams of meeting that perfect person, but while you are single, get to know yourself better to prepare yourself for your future mate. Remember diamonds are built under pressure. If there wasn’t any pressure, you wouldn’t be able to shine and have the victory. When a storm occurs, look that storm in the eye and let that storm know that you will overcome! Also, speaking positive affirmations over yourself will help you over come negative thinking. Whenever a negative thought come to mind, say three positive thoughts to yourself. You’ll be surprised how happier you will be when you turn your thinking around. Stay encouraged! Peace. Xoxo.

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