Men and Women: Is it possible to be friends with the opposite sex?


I always wondered if it possible for men and women to be strictly friends, without any type of romantic encounters. It seems as if men and women are from two entirely planets.Which could actually be a good thing, because there will be a balance. With that being said, I feel like there is a strong possibility that men and women could definitely be friends, if there is a clear understanding of course. In my own walk of life, however, I never really had a successful relationship with the opposite sex without it becoming weird in some type of way. I can recall a time where I was under the impression that my co-worker wanted to be simply “friends” and hang out every now and than. In my eyes, this was perfectly fine. At the time, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I wanted to enjoy the single life and meet and encounter different people from different walks of life. My co-worker, had other things in mind. I would confine in him about my previous failed relationships, and how I would meet new guys that were not worth my time. As it turned out, he used my past hurts as an approach tactic, comparing himself to the guys in my past. Epic fail I must say. I wasn’t into him at all. In fact, I looked at him as a brother figure. It ruined our relationship and made me skeptical of the opposite sex and their intentions. Tell me your opinion, can men and women truly be “friends” without it becoming sexual?

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