Fellas…this one is for you

Self Love

So by now, you probably heard or know a little bit about the situation that involves the singer/actor Tyrese. He was accused by his ex wife, of beating their child. As a result, the mother refused to allow Tyrese to see his daughter and filed for a restraining order against Tyrese. According to Tyrese, he hadn’t seen his daughter in two months, so he became creative and decided to have a airplane fly over his daughter’s school with a sign up declaring how much he loved her. The mother of his child did not appreciate this and got the law involved. Tyrese went to Facebook live in desperation. He poured out his heart to his fans, family and people who are close to him. This in return caused a lot of back lash, not only are there people making fun of his pain, people are criticizing him for showing his emotions. I have personally witnessed several videos and posted bashing him because he cried in the video. I find this personally disturbing. For one, this is a cry out for help. This man is hurt from the allocations that are made against him, and as a black man, the odds are already against. He is guilty until proven innocent simply off the color of the skin. Secondly, this is a man that wants to be apart of child’s life. We have far too many fatherless children in our society! Our children need BOTH parents present in their lives. Lastly, society has put in our heads that it is something wrong with a man showing his emotions. That crying is only socially acceptable for women. I’m here to tell you that its okay to cry. Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes you need to be able to get it out. It doesn’t make you less than a man that you have feelings. Your’e human! On average, women out live men because women are more prone to crying and expressing their feelings. Its time to stand up for whats right and stop bashing and putting others down. Next time you find yourself judging another person for what they are doing, stop and think how you would handle the situation. Lend a helping hand, say a prayer for them. You never know what the next person is dealing with on the inside. Stay strong my black brother

One thought on “Fellas…this one is for you

  1. Its so sad as society how some things we allow to happen. I cannot imagine being accused wrongly. Its hard on its own. I cannot imagine being unjustly separated from my kids. Horrible on its own. I cannot imagine being ridiculed for that kind of pain. Awful on its own. All together , it would break a strongest man. Sad what we allow as society.

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