Cheating: Is it ever possible to bounce back from it?


In today’s society, it seems as if cheating is glorified, from movies, tv shows, music and social media. In my own opinion, this is generation where, relationships, and even friendships are taken lightly. No one has any loyalty to one another, feelings get hurt, and relationships are destroyed. In my own walk of life, I have experienced the hurt of being cheated on, even though I was loyal on my end. I tried my very best to overcome what was done to me, however, it was difficult for me my own to shut off my mind with the thoughts and images because whenever he wasn’t around me, I thought the worse of him. As a result, I ended the relationship. I couldn’t personally deal with the thoughts that ran through my mind on the daily because my trust was gone, and if there isn’t any trust, the relationship was dead. I can truly say that I tried my best to forgive and forget, the forget portion was the part that hunted me to this day. It easy to forgive, well atleast for me it is, but forgetting what someone has done is difficult because you never want to feel that pain again, so you create a wall that protects your feelings so you wont feel that hurt ever again. I believe it is possible to bounce back from cheating, if and only if, the two parties are willing and are

fully invested in doing so. What do I mean by fully invested, well this can look a couple of ways. One, cutting off the individual in which the affair occurred with. Two, counselling is a great option to help with the healing process. Three, forgiving your spouse and talking things out to see their point of view. Four, start off with a brand new clean slate, leaving the past in the past and lastly, if there is ever an issue with your spouse, go to them and express yourself. Communication is key to ANY relationship. Of course, there are many, many more options, these are just a few. Remember, relationships can be difficult, but you get whatever you put into it. If you put only 50% in the relationship, well you will only receive 50 % , but if you put your all in it, you will gain better results.

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